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Unfortunately, due to limited shipping calculator options I had to alter this listing slightly so that it does not charge shipping.  Once an order is placed with pattern printing I will contact you for more information regarding your order, along with an email address that you can send the file(s) that you would like printed. Once I receive the files I will send an invoice with the proper amount of pages and a $5.99 flat rate shipping charge.

Do you despise taping patterns together?  You are not alone!!  Many pattern designers are now including A0 prints in their digital files, saving you the frustration of taping patterns together!  There are no patterns available for purchase through this listing, it is only for printing A0 files that you provide after purchase.  The listing is also only for A0 prints so there is no guess work on if you are picking the right size paper.  The only things I need to know is if you want it printed in grayscale or in color, and if you would like certain sizes printed if layers are available.

For shipping options you can choose between rolled or folded.  Both will ship for a flat rate of $5.99.

If you would like only certain sizes to be printed (if layers are an option on the pattern) please let me know if the email that you send with your patterns 🙂

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